Kiwanis Support Benton Hospice Service

Kiwanis Support Benton Hospice Service
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thank you to the Corvallis Kiwanis Foundation for the generous grant recently awarded to Benton Hospice Service. For most people, end-of-life goals include comfort through preservation of their skin integrity. Achieving this goal becomes increasingly challenging as illness progresses. Roho cushions are critical tools in making our hospice patients’ last days comfortable by protecting their skin.

Roho cushions are checked out to our most vulnerable patients and returned to us when the patient’s needs change. Each cushion is then cleaned and processed, and can be reused by different patients for many years. We need different styles and sizes of Roho cushions to match different body types so it can be challenging to keep enough Roho cushions in stock to meet our different patients’ needs. This grant will allow us to provide more patients with these specialized cushions.

We thank Kiwanis members for their commitment to providing needed services to the seriously ill and their families and caregivers.