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End-of-Life Planning

Lumina is here to help patients and families start conversations about end-of-life planning. The end stages of life can leave people with many emotions that are difficult to navigate. Being prepared for those stages can help relieve stress during an emotional time. End-of-life planning means taking control of the dying process and making decisions that are important to the patient and their family.


Book Recommendations
A Beginner’s Guide to the End: Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death, by B.J. Miller, MD and Shoshana Berger

An honest, surprising, and detail-oriented guide to the most universal of all experiences. “There is nothing wrong with you for dying,” hospice physician B.J. Miller and journalist and caregiver Shoshana Berger write in A Beginner’s Guide to the End. “Our ultimate purpose here isn’t so much to help you die as it is to free up as much life as possible until you do.”

Finish Strong: Putting Your Priorities First at Life’s End, by Barbara Coombs Lee

Written with candor and clarity by a nurse, physician assistant and attorney who became a leading advocate for end-of-life options, this book can help you finish strong. The usual advice about advance directives and conversations is important but woefully inadequate. This book describes concrete action in the here and now to help live our best lives to the end.

The Art of Dying Well: A Practical Guide to a Good End of Life, by Katy Butler

A reassuring and thoroughly researched guide to maintaining a high quality of life—from resilient old age to the first inklings of a serious illness to the final breath.

Advice for Future Corpses (And Those Who Love Them): A Practical Perspective on Death and Dying, by Sallie Tisdale

This is more than a how-to manual or a spiritual bible: it is a graceful compilation of honest, humorous and intimate anecdotes based on the deaths Tisdale has witnessed in her work (in palliative care) and life, as well as stories from cultures, traditions, and literature around the world. 

Hospice and End-of-Life Planning Resources
Death Over Dinner

Step by step guidance on how to start the conversation about end of life with the important people in your life.

The Conversation Project

Learn how to start the conversation about end of life with the important people in your life.

Oregon Funeral Resources and Education

Understand your rights when it comes to death and funerals in Oregon.

Oregon POLST

Comprehensive guide to community resources in the Mid-Willamette Valley. Learn the difference between a POLST form and an advance directive – and which is right for you.

PREPARE Advance Directives

Step by step guidance on filling out an advance directive.


Learn about important documents such as advance directives.




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