Illuminating: Family-Directed Funeral Options - Rights and Resources

Illuminating: Family-Directed Funeral Options - Rights and Resources

Start Date: Jun 15, 12:00 PM

End Date: Jun 15, 1:00 PM

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Learn about Oregon families' rights and resources when a death occurs, including how to work with funeral directors and what your options are for handling after-death care as a family in the home, even in the time of COVID. Whether you choose to work exclusively with a funeral home or prefer to handle some or all after-death care in your own home, this presentation will help you think about what you may want after a death. Some options that will be covered are bathing, dressing and transporting the deceased, holding a vigil or wake with the body, handling paperwork, and arranging burial or cremation with or without the assistance of a funeral director. The presentation will also cover simple steps that providers and institutions can take to remove barriers to families experiencing the benefits of being more involved in after-death care, when desired.


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