Illuminating: Healthy Sleep Habits As You Age

Virtual via Zoom

Our sleep patterns can change as we age. Learn from a certified sleep specialist why these changes occur and what you can do to form healthier sleep habits.

Illuminating: The Power of Personalized Music


Music is magical and lights up our brain. There is so much potential in utilizing music when someone is in pain, lonely or depressed, or when someone has dementia. Learn about the Music & Memory Program, how to create a personalized playlist for your loved one, and why music can play such an important role in end-of-life care.

Illuminating: Advance Care Planning – Your Health, Your Way


Take control of the important decisions that come at the end of life. Not only does planning ahead ensure your wishes are met, it also reduces stress for your loved ones during an emotional time. Join one of the leading founders of the POLST form and Lumina's Director of Clinical Innovations for a deep dive into advance directives and POLST forms - and which is right for you.

Illuminating: Decluttering After Death


After someone dies, you might be left with hundreds of possessions, acquired over the course of a lifetime. There may be photos, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and general household items. The task of sorting through all of this can be daunting. Hear from an organizing specialist about where to start and important factors to consider.