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This year we have all experienced loss — loss of a person, connection with family and friends, meaningful activities, a sense of safety, or other losses. Lumina is offering an opportunity for our community to reflect on these and past losses by naming and honoring their impact on our lives.

Submissions are now closed. If you are unable to attend the viewing of the hearts, we invite you to reflect on your losses over the past year, be kind to yourself, and give yourself credit for carrying this heavy load.

The heart sculpture will be available for the community to view on June 26 at Starker Arts Park from 10 am to 2 pm.

Questions or comments? Email outreach@luminahospice.org

Please look for information about our next community memorial event that will be held in early December.


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Be kind to yourself as you allow yourself to feel the weight of this past year and give yourself credit for carrying this heavy load.

-Melissa Allen, Lumina Bereavement Coordinator



                 Comm Viewing Of Memorial

Join us for a community viewing of the Open Heart Community Memorial honoring the collective grief in our community.

Simply view the sculpture from your car, or come interact with the heart. You are welcome to take a self-guided walk around the pond or listen to music.

All current COVID-19 protocols will be observed. All are welcome, but you do not need to attend the community viewing in order to make a submission.

Click here for directions to Starker Arts Park.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit the name of someone who died more than a year ago?

Yes, you can submit any name of someone you've lost. They do not need to have died within the year.

Can I submit more than one name?

Yes, you can submit as many names as you'd like to.

My person didn't die on hospice. Can I still submit their name?

Yes, you can submit the name of any person who has died, regardless of their connection to hospice.

Why is naming and honoring our losses important?

When we are able to mourn - or express our grief - we move the grief up and out of our bodies and minds. This is a healthy process that is known to help soften our grief.

I didn't lose a person this year, but I was greatly impacted by the pandemic. Am I grieving?

Grief is any reaction to a loss. This loss does not have to be a person. We experience grief on many levels - socially, emotionally, spiritually, cognitively, and physically. We may feel fatigued, confused, angry, irritable. We may cry, have strange dreams, have apetite changes, or be forgetful. These (and more) are all normal grief reactions.

No one close to me died this year, but I was unable to meet my new grandbaby. Can I submit that loss?

Yes, you are invited to submit any loss you've experienced. This could be the loss of a milestone, significant event, meaningful activity, a planned vacation, celebration or ritual. It could even be the loss of a feeling - loss of sense of safety, stability, familiarility. 


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Lumina offers free grief support to anyone in the community, regardless of their connection to hospice.

We offer individual counseling, support groups, and hybrid-model support group and educational class to support the diverse needs of the bereaved in our community. You can access our services at anytime in your grief journey.

Email grief@luminahospice.org or call our office at 541.757.9616.


Thank you to our generous donors who make our bereavement programming possible. To support Lumina, visit our donation page.