Music & Memory


Lumina Hospice and Palliative Care completed the MUSIC & MEMORY® Certification Program and is certified as a provider of personalized music. The certification ensures families that their loved ones will have access to the transformative, therapeutic benefits of personalized music.

We began the Music and Memory program in 2016 thanks to a grant from the OSU Folk Club.   

The program is grounded in extensive neuroscience research about how our brains respond to personalized music.  Below are some of the significant findings. 

  • Personalized music brings pleasure and joy.
  • Opportunity for more meaningful, personal connections with those in your care.
  • It reduces use of antipsychotic, anti-anxiety, antidepressant and pain medications.
  • Participants experience reduced falls.
  • Participants experience less anxiety, distress and delirium, exhibit better moods and have an easier time communicating.

Download a flyer

More details of this wonderful, therapeutic music program, is on-line at www.musicandmemory.org.


Henry Listens 710 V3

Ways to Help

We always appreciate iTunes Gift Cards, iPods (new and used), chargers and CD donations.  

An iPod donation drive is a great way to collect gently used digital devices for our patients, and raise awareness for Music & Memory. This is a wonderful activity for a grade school, high school or college community service project; church, synagogue or mosque community outreach; or service club program.

Anyone whose family member or friend has been affected by Alzheimer’s will have a strong motivation to contribute. In addition, as more and more people switch their music collections from iPods to smartphones, there’s a growing supply of second-hand iPods. We want to keep these devices out of landfills and put them into the hands of elders who can really benefit from personalized playlists. 

Please contact Naomi Hirsch, Volunteer Coordinator, for more information.