Support for those living with a life-limiting illness

Thursday, September 30, 2021

LUMINA’S TRANSITIONS PROGRAM provides assis­tance free of charge to those living with a life-limiting illness—who are either not ready or not eligible for hospice care. Dealing with a life-limiting illness can be overwhelming for both the seriously ill person, as well as for their family. Transitions helps them navigate the physical, social and emotional chal­lenges that arise with a serious illness. Maintaining independence while learning to rely on others can be a challenge. Our Transitions Coordinator and team of dedicated volunteers provide non-medical sup­port, access to community resources, and practical assistance—from helping with errands, to providing education about illness, or just lending a listening ear.

Stan and Irene Gresick have been recipients of services from our Transitions program for almost two years. When caregiving for Stan on her own became too overwhelming, Irene reached out to Lumina for help. Volunteers, Brenda Rowley and Sandy Piper, provide weekly respite support for Irene and assistance with care for Stan.

“I have learned that our situation is not unique,” said Irene. “There is an infinite supply of good out there to be shared once you are open to it.”

Irene and Stan say they do not feel alone in this “challenging, ever-changing journey” thanks to the Transitions program.

“It’s everything the word ‘transitions’ is intended to describe,” says Irene. “This helpful program is a way to gracefully manage escalating care needs for a beloved family member who wants to stay home and participate in familiar activities as much as possible. It’s also an amazing support system for the family mem­ber who now needs to manage both the household and care needs of a declining spouse or parent.”

Stan and Irene run a tax service business out of their home. Although Stan cannot physically get to their downstairs home office, he still helps clients with their taxes. Since the start of the pandemic, Stan has been the recipient of two milestone awards for his community service with the Freemasons of Oregon and the Benton County Shrine Club.

Although he enjoys helping others, Stan was never one to ask for help himself. Now, after receiving services from two wonderful Transitions volunteers, Stan says he feels inspired knowing there are people out there who truly enjoy helping others.

Transitions is provided at no charge to clients, thanks to generous donations and community grants. To learn more about Lumina’s Transitions program contact Maggie Leinenweber, Transitions Coordinator, at