Albany Parks & Recreation installs telephone in the wind

Monday, February 13, 2023

From Albany Parks & Recreation (Oregon):

City Councilor Ray Kopczynski came to us with a very sweet idea…A Telephone in the Wind. Place a disconnected telephone in the woods, available to anyone who needs to talk to someone who cannot hear them. It is a simple concept that can provide space to say goodbye, share a secret, or simply get things off one’s chest.

Ray gave us an old phone which was passed down to him in the family and is an old lineman phone. Depending on when you were born you might not even recognize the rotary dial.

This was installed on a display off the path going north from Teloh Calapooia Park toward the wetlands.

The sign reads “This phone is for everyone who has lost a loved one. The phone is an outlet for those who have messages they wish to share with their lost friends and family. It is a phone for memories and saying the goodbyes you never got to say.”

We are very excited about this simple yet meaningful installation in our park. Thank you to Councilor Kopczynski for bringing us this sweet idea and amazing phone!

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