Sponsors Help Reveal Lumina Name

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Because we found that many people thought we only served people in Benton County, Benton Hospice Service recently changed its name to Lumina Hospice & Palliative Care. We announced the change by holding a public “reveal” event. The event was made possible through the generous support of our sponsors:

  • StateServ Medical
  • Citizens Bank
  • The Corvallis Clinic
  • Ryan and Tammy Huett
  • Arlyne Johns and family.

The generosity of these sponsors provided guests with a lovely evening of delicious food and drink.

Thank you also to the Corvallis Gazette Times for attending the event and covering the announcement, and to the Valley Catering team for their consummate service and wonderful food.

We appreciate the dedication of each to our mission and vision to provide compassion, comfort and support through your end-of-life experience, to help you live out the rest of your life, on your own terms, among people who care.