Monday, June 7, 2021

Your annual volunteer refresher training will need to be completed December of each year.

Login at:
User Name: Is first initial, last name
Password: Is first initial, last initial and the year you were born.

Example for Mickey Mouse
User Name: mmouse
Password: mm1928

Our policy is that you complete refresher training for atleast 3 courses that include:

  1. Preventing, Recognizing, and Reporting Abuse
  2. HIPAA
  3. Infection Control

Professional Boundary Support

Slide Set

Boundary Warning Signs

  1. You share personal problems or aspects of your intimate life with patients.
  2. You keep secrets with patients.
  3. You become defensive when someone questions your interaction with a patient
  4. You have received gifts from a patient.
  5. You speak to the patient about your own professional needs or inability.
  6. You speak poorly of co-workers or the agency to patients.
  7. You talk to patients/families about things out of your scope of practice.
  8. You give certain patients extra time or attention.
  9. You give patients personal contact info or money.
  10. You fail to set limits with a patient.
  11. You spend off-duty time with patients.
  12. You feel that you understand the patient’s problems better than other members of the healthcare team.